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PTFE Insulated Compensating Cables

Where ever the temperatures are involved, they need to be measured, monitored and controlled. One of the common methods for the purpose is the use of thermocouples.

When the thermocouple comes in contact with heating object, an emf is generated between its two wires which is proportional to the temperature of the object. Temperature indicator senses this emf and displays the corresponding temperature

Thermocouple extension cables are the lead wires connecting the thermocouple and the temperature indicator. Conductors of these wires are of same metal as that of Thermocouple and hence are quite costly.

Compensating cables are used as a cheaper alternative to these thermocouple extension cables. In this a combination of cheaper metal conductors is used which generates nearly similar emf as the original cables. PTFEinsulated compensating cables are available in various types like 'J', 'K', 'T', 'R' and 'S' in different conductor sizes for specific applications as per need of the customer. PTFE Insulated HR Compensating Cable Type' K' are specially made for use with temperature measuring thermocouples ('K' type) installed near Rotary Kilns and furnaces in Steel, Cement, fertilizer, chemical plants etc.

They are best suited for installations where environmental temperatures are high. Compensating cables are available both with screen (shielded) and without screen as per requirement of the customer. Overall SS wire braid armoring is provided to increase the durability and strength of the cable.