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Underfloor Heating Mat

Application Output (W / m2)   Application Output (W / m2)
Max. Normal Max. Normal
Living Room
100 70-100
100 40-60
100 70-100
100 50-70
Sleeping Room
100 70-100
100 80-100
100 70-100
100 80-100
100 120-150
Wooden Floor*
80 50-70
100 120-150
Freezer Floor*
Entrance Hall
100 80-100
Storage Heating
250 180-250
Basic Heating
Snow Melting
350 300

* Max - 10 W / m

Single Wire Construction

In this single wire construction cable is used hence there are two cold tails and the second cold tail had to be brought back at the starting point to finish the laying.

Twin Wire Construction :-

In this the win wire construction cable is used having only one cold tail for connection hence this system is the most convenient to install and also have negligible EMF.
Heating mats are Fibreglass mats on which heating cable is fixed using self adhesive double sided tape to get predetermined spacing and power density. This makes the installation of the heating system much faster and easier as now the installer does not have to worry about laying the cable with correct spacing. You just have to roll the mat over the floor and attach it to the floor using the double sided tape on the mat and you will get the desired watt density. Hence lot of installation time is saved and chances of error are minimized by using underfloor heating mat. The mats are manufactured in two configurations
These mats are fast gaining popularity as a product of choice specially in DIY sector as it reduces labour cost and installation time drastically as compared to installation of cables directly.

The specifications are given below : -

General :
Cable Type Single/Twin Conductor with Screen
Rated Voltage 230 V~ AC
Watts per Meter2 120 W/m2 , 160 W/m2
Dimensions (W x L) 0.5m or 1.0 m Wide x 1m to 20m Long
Cold Tail Length 2 x 3m ( single wire) 1X 3mtr( twin wire)
Conductor Insulation PTFE 265 Deg C
Sheath PTFE 265 Deg C
Tolerance Ohmic Value 10% or -%5
Mat Construction Polypropylene Coated Glass Fibre Net