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PTFE insulated multi-core cables

In signal and control applications, there are situations when multiple wiring connections need to be used. For the purpose a single cable having multiple no of cores is better suited. PTFE Insulated Multi-core cables find use in almost every type of electrical, electronic and engineering industry. PTFE insulated multi-core cables are required especially for high temperature and high frequency applications.

PTFE insulated multi-core cables are available with screen or without screen. Screening is required wherever there is need to protect the transmitting signals from external electric and electromagnetic noises. The cables are available in various twisted configurations such as bunched twisting, multiple pair twisting and multiple triads twisting. Cables up to 100 cores can be made upon customer's request.

Cables can be overall shielded or all the cores can be individually shielded or specific no of cores can be shielded and rest can be kept unshielded as required.

PTFE Insulated Multi-core cables are jacketed to give mechanical strength and binding to the cable. The jacket can be of PTFE or PVC or Rubber as required. An Armoring of SS or GI wire braid can be provided over the jacket to give extra strength and durability to the cable.